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Holiday High Tea with Spleef nyc™!

All photos (C) Spleef nyc™

By Jackie C.

Spleef nyc™’s mission is to show the New York City community that there is nothing wrong with recreationally enjoying cannabis, and that there is another option to canna-markets or over-the-top dinners. The goal is to bring together a diverse group of people from all walks of life to chip away at the negative stigma of cannabis.

On Tuesday, December 11th, Spleef nyc™ hosted its fourteenth event of the year, December H.T. (High Tea), at an undisclosed location in Brooklyn. High Tea is the brand’s fall event series, catering to a calmer crowd that wants to relax on a weeknight and enjoy some infused tea and hors d’oeuvres.

Every event has live music which founder Mark (AKA “Mr. Spleef”) says is an integral part of the experience. December’s event had the incredible Late Cambrian performing an eclectic acoustic set with a cover from Elton John and their new track, “Yearbook Photo,” from their latest album Sweet Cambrian High, among others.

Late Cambrian performing at the Spleef nyc™ High Tea.

When you step into the Spleef nyc™ space, you immediately feel like you are walking into the home of your friend with the nicest apartment who always throws the best parties. The vibe was welcoming and the service was excellent; I was immediately offered a tea as soon as I walked in.

There was ample opportunity to purchase a few “goodies” but you don’t feel overwhelmed because they only have one vender per product type, and all of the vendors are cherry-picked for quality. The event was catered by the brand Mishka Eats, which made an almost-too-delicious spread of infused and non-infused vegan hors d’oeuvres.

In late January, Spleef nyc™ will bring back the winter season “Speakeasy” series in addition to High Teas. Look out for monthly sessions of each throughout 2019.

Be sure to visit or @spleefnyc_ on Instagram for more updates.













Jackie C. is a creative and digital marketer based in the New York City area. She enjoys great music, new travels, nice people, and cat videos. Visit or follow her on Instagram at @light.verde.

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