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She Love It: Unboxing The Daily High Club’s Chanel West Coast Collection (Video)

It’s the gift-giving season, so take this flashback opportunity as a little holiday inspiration! When the Daily High Club, the most popular subscription box service for cannabis accessories in the United States, sent us their Chanel West Coast collection, you know we couldn’t wait till Christmas to open. In fact, the collection debuted just as we were prepping our issue ONE for the public – so Chica, founder of Kreaky Products, joined us to discover the fierce, fabulous, feminine vibes of both. Check out all the fun in our unboxing video!

(P.S. Though the Chanel West Coast box set was a limited edition, her dab rig featured here is still available. And Daily High Club’s Tommy Chong collection is here for December, man!)

Honeysuckle caught up with Chica from Kreaky to take a look at the Daily High Club’s September subscription box of cannabis lifestyle products aka, the good stuff. For this collection, Daily High Club partnered with the rapper and media personality Chanel West Coast, who you may know from MTV’S Ridiculousness. This collection of guilty (or not-so-guilty) pleasures is all about woman power and the divine feminine.

The Daily High Club is a company that takes pride in introducing new products and brands to people all around the world. One box at a time, the company is changing the stigma centered around cannabis. Apart from supplying products that are physically appealing such as the weed smoke ring, glass bong, and candy papers that look like gum, the Daily High Club stresses the importance of eco-friendly products, which connects to Honeysuckle’s recent issue ONE. ONE not only shines a light on sustainability, but also unveils the powerful women in the cannabis industry, femininity and how we connect to the earth.  

The Daily High Club’s decision to partner with Chanel West Coast is a step in the right direction in recognizing the divine feminine voices, and inspiring other companies to do the same. And let’s not forget that from a female plant comes incredible power for our future. Cannabis lovers, rejoice!

For more great collections from the Daily High Club, visit or follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To learn more about Chanel West Coast, visit or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow Kreaky Products on Instagram at @kreakyproducts for the latest in healthy lifestyle alternatives.

Honeysuckle Magazine’s ONE is now available in Barnes & Noble locations nationwide! Find the store nearest to you through our Locator, purchase copies on our site here, through our app for iTunes here, or our Zinio digital storefront hereStay tuned for more news from the cannabis community, plus sustainability and planetary wellness updates from Team Honeysuckle!

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